We’re feeling inspired by how Fleurish CA floral designer Anne Rizoulis is finding and creating beauty in foraged foliage. Anne says, “Foraging reminds me to look closely at the elements around me.” Next time you head out for a walk, look for wild or fallen blooms and greens and try bringing a little of the outside in. Check out more floral inspo @fleurishca on Instagram.

  1. FORAGING 101. State, regional and federal parks are no-clip zones! If you see something on the side of the road, pull over safely and make sure you are visible! If you see something on someone’s property, ask before you snip!
  1. MIX IT UP. Search for textures & shapes that appeal to you! I’ll often choose a succulent as my “flower” because they’re hardy and last a long time. Vines can add whimsy and movement. I love nasturtium and honeysuckle.
  1. KEEP IT LOCAL. Play a game and see what you can find within 1000 ft of where you live. You’ll be surprised at what’s nearby!
  1. BRING CLIPPERS. I keep clippers in my car and often in my pocket on walks! Try to snip where branches, flowers, and vines join, not midway on a stem.
  1. HAVE FUN. Fun is the goal, not perfection! When you get home, clip the ends of everything and stick them promptly in water. If something doesn’t last in your arrangement, pull it out and stick something new in! Foraging takes practice, some experimenting, and often a sense of humor!