Since we can’t visit Sonoma County right now, award-winning winery Belden Barns is bringing free virtual wine tastings to our living rooms. Their Late Harvest Viogner will be on the agenda this Sunday, May 24. Join in for a fun discussion of taste, trivia, and maybe even an exploration of how the taste of wine changes when paired with random items from your shelter-in-place stockpile. Virtual Tasting Sign up.


1: Dessert wines taste best when served on the colder side. Ideal enjoyment temperatures hover between 45 and 50 degrees (versus 58 to 62 degrees for white wines that aren’t sweet).

2: Take a moment to examine the appearance of your wine before you taste it. Observing the color and body of what’s inside your glass will allow you to understand & appreciate it more fully.

3: Drink what you love and listen to your own palate. Just because a wine has a high score or rave reviews, doesn’t mean it’s perfect for you.

4: Pairing a late-harvest Viognier like the one we make at Belden Barns with a cheese plate or bowl of vanilla ice cream can be a show-stopping way to finish a meal. Or skip dessert and let the wine provide the sweet finishing note you were craving on its own. When we drink our late-harvest Viogner on its own, and tune into its beautiful apricot and honeysuckle notes, we can’t help but refer to it as “Nectar of the Gods.”

FUN FACT: Our late-harvest Viognier’s rich amber color comes from the grapes’ natural hue in combination with the color absorbed from the French oak barrels that we age the wine in.