When it comes to apparel, we’re all about essentials. But accessory-wise? We absolutely embrace a go-for-it attitude. Which is why we love jewelry that brings a surprising element and pop of personality to the outfit. Enter Shylee Rose Jewelry. Founded in 2003 by Los Angeles native, Erees Beyda, each collection is borne of her “no rules in jewelry” motto, and handcrafted in the US. From sophisticated statement pieces to gorgeous glittering gems, the look is all about layers. Stacks on stacks of bands and baubles, delicate chains for days. We love her look so much, we’ve partnered with Erees on our Shylee Rose x The Reset Inspiration bracelet—and tapped her for advice on how to do adornment.


Accessories are where you get permission to have fun. So seriously, forget the rules you think you know. Mix your metals. Pair edgy and delicate pieces. Wear more than one ring on a finger. If it says “you”, it’s a do.


Layering your necklaces is a fresh way to showcase your favorite pieces—why wear one when you can wear three? The trick is to choose pieces of different length, so each piece gets its due (and tangling is kept to a minimum).

The Solid Dagger, 3 Diamond Necklace, 5 Diamond Necklace


The wrist is the ideal place to layer up. Start with a bold statement bangle and then add on colored beads, metal chains, and delicate corded bracelets. It’s that unique mix of color, metals, and scale that gives an eclectic, personalized look.

10 Stone Moon Cuff, Diamond Cuff, Turquoise Bar Bracelet, The Red String Protection Bracelet





Why should the ring finger have all the fun? Isn’t it time all five get their due? Erees suggests wearing ‘em on every digit. And feel free to mix different stones and styles—there’s no wrong way to layer.

Floating Diamond Ring, Solid Bar Ring


Make the most of multiple piercings with an edgy and elegant showcase of your fave pieces. The key here is to keep it light by pairing up delicate studs in different shapes—we love the way diamond bars look with a delicate hoop.

3 Diamond Stud, Tiny Diamond Huggies


Not only is it a modern-classic, it’s the perfect piece to wear and pair with everything. Layer up a simple choker for a day look, or pick a statement-making piece and wear it solo for a dramatic evening vibe.

Cuban Link Choker, Floating Diamond Necklace, Diamond Stick Necklace


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