Living the good life to us means creating GOOD. And we are taking notes from Emily, the owner of The Good Hippie™, a small-batch, natural, artisan line of skincare + beauty, handcrafted in Austin, Texas. They also source the highest quality, therapeutic-grade, freshest, most vibrant gifts of the Earth for their products. Containing only ingredients that have been carefully selected for their beneficial properties and ability to enhance, nourish, and protect.


Describe your personal style in three words?

Simple, sleek, and comfortable.

What are your favorite Reset pieces and why?

Satin Shell and any Reset Sweater. You can dress them up or down and I love accentuating a long neck. I think it’s the former dancer in me.

What do you say to yourself when sh*t hits the fan?

I ask myself, how can I make sure that this doesn’t happen again? Everything is a teachable moment (I stole that from my husband). Shit is always going to hit the fan, but when you surround yourself with a group of badass women that share your vision and are deeply invested, problem-solving is easy. There’s always a way to correct and problem solves when what you’re doing is important and special. And somehow, we’ve always managed to turn the proverbial fan off and regroup because our goals are so clear. The goal is more important than hiccups.

What’s your favorite song to Reset your day?

Loaded question! And one very near and dear to my heart. It depends on the day, honestly. I love blaring Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now when I need to reset and get back on track. How can that song not fire you up?!

When’s the last time you hit the Reset button?

I feel like I hit that button at least once a month. We’re constantly evolving, innovating, and bouncing ideas around. We’ve recently shifted more focus to connecting more with our fabulous community and have been doing a lot more local outreach. 

And if you weren’t doing your current career, what would you be doing?

I would be working with art education in the public school systems to increase funding and the importance of creation and independent thought. I’m passionate about sharing this with our youth – their creativity and its importance to their education as a functional human is paramount and changed MY life. Each one of our products features an artist. We’ve curated a line that doesn’t only celebrate clean, sustainable, ethical skincare, but also a comprehensive artistic collection of visual art.

Fun fact: Emily started as a yoga instructor to a #womenentrepreneur, and continues supporting Souljourn Yoga Foundation, a foundation that helps and supports young women all around the world by offering them more chances for education. 

Don’t forget to visit THE GOOD HIPPIE for your skin + beauty wellness, and follow her story on @thegoodhippie.

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