Talk about homegrown and homemade. This modern day Austin milklady is taking Texas by storm with her locally made fresh nut-milk.
As a small business owner, her focus is on supporting the community, even hiring local designers to create her very coveted bottles.
(can we say #packagelust? )

Describe your personal style in three words?

Easy, playful, and colorful.

What’s your favorite Reset piece and why?

The Black Satin Smocked Waist Pant! They have the perfect fit—high waisted, comfy waistband, perfect ankle length. I loved pairing them with the matching blazer for the shoot. But I also love them with a vintage tee, half tucked, sneakers, done!

What do you say to yourself when sh*t hits the fan?

First I try and take 5 slow deep breaths. Breathing is everything! Then I focus in on what I’m actually fearful of in that particular moment. I think about the worst thing that could happen, (knowing that it probably won’t), but if it did, how I would overcome it. And then work backwards from there, it gives me a lot of perspective and brings control back to the situation. 

What’s your favorite song to Reset your day?

Basically anything Bon Iver, his voice is so soothing and comforting to me.

When’s the last time you hit the Reset button?

2 weeks ago, my husband and I took our two kids on a road trip to Marfa, TX and Big Bend. We danced under the stars with family and friends, took some easy hikes, made biscuits in our pjs. The big, beautiful skies out there always ground me and make me grin ear to ear.

And if you weren’t doing your current career, what would you be doing?

Maybe some sort of tour guide situation? I love to travel, sniff out all the right spots, and share them with friends. 

Live in Texas?  You’re in luck, get Fronks nut-milk delivered to your door.

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