We are inspired by the amazing journey of Melissa, female entrepreneur, certified Advanced Sommelier, and mother. Founding Rock Juice in 2015, Melissa’s goal was to bring organic, low-intervention wines to drinkers everywhere. Now she spends her days chasing down (drinking) honest and delicious wines from inspiring small producers around the world for Rock Juice, while trying to keep the trains running for her family. She’s also a mom of two young boys, whose appearance in the world inspired her to think about the ingredients she was putting in her body, and theirs. And ultimately led her to natural wines, and the idea to make them more accessible, be smart about what you’re drinking and stick to the good stuff, made by real people, not big corporations, without chemicals. 

Describe your personal style in three words?

Multi-tasking, comfortable, easy – though I’m embarrassed to admit, often it’s the yoga-all-day look.

What are your favorite Reset pieces and why?

The Cap Sleeve Sweater and the Essential Pullover, because they make me look much more put together than I actually am.  And they’re comfy and cozy enough for the chilly, windy SF spring.

What do you say to yourself when sh*t hits the fan?

I try not to say what I’m thinking (because it would be bad, and I’d owe our swear jar a lot of cash), and instead focus on yoga breathing, which instantly calms me and helps me react more calmly.

What’s your favorite song to Reset your day?

I’m more into podcasts as my morning reset these days – first is always NPR’s Up First, the most brilliant cliff-notes version of the daily news, then I’ll rotate among a bunch of different health and wellness episodes while walking the dog and making my morning matcha.

When’s the last time you hit the Reset button?

Like a cat with 9 lives, I’ve hit the major reset button many times in my life, moving from the OC to SF, transitioning from tech PR to opening a restaurant/wine bar, then again when I started Rock Juice to bring natural wine to the people.  But I also like to think of each day as a new opportunity to reset or fine-tune in small ways – a fresh start.   

And if you weren’t doing your current career, what would you be doing?

I’d go back to school to become a holistic nutritionist!  I’m a total nerd and read all kinds of health and nutrition books.  And I am fascinated by the power of food as medicine.

Check out Melissa’s Rock Juice for yourself and savor her delicious organic wine picks in style. rockjuiceinc.com. And follow her company’s Instagram @Rockjuicesf.

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