When I started my career as a hairstylist and makeup artist about 10 years ago, I found my passion was doing makeup — bridal makeup in particular. I was living in Seattle and everything there is so natural so I really got to fine tune how I felt about makeup. Because all of my clients wanted natural makeup, I got to figure out what it looked like to accent and enhance a client’s looks, but still, help them feel like themselves.

I grew and moved to LA and started seeing clients who were damaging themselves with their beauty treatments. That was the moment that it hit me — beauty should be accessible for women. It shouldn’t be intimidating. It shouldn’t make you more insecure. We already have enough people telling us all sorts of things that make us insecure.

I asked myself, how could I use my experience in makeup and beauty to change the way women in LA are thinking about beauty? That was my moment.

There are women who just want their beauty routine to be easier and want to leave the house without much makeup on and look fresh and not done.  I think beauty, in general, should make your life easier.

I hope I do my part by helping them feel great, get out of the door faster, spend more time with their kids in the morning. I see how beauty can fit into their lives in a more organic way, rather than it being this thing that happened to their face.

In my space, it feels like I’ve created a community and it’s a cool thing that we’re building here. Women leave feeling good. They’re getting a little rest. It’s more and more becoming important to me in even a small way to help women with their lives, making it more authentic for them. 

Amanda Robinson is the founder of Iris +West Last Co. and is an advocate for “makeup-less makeup.” She is passionate about easy beauty regimes that ensure her clients feel their best.