I worked in network TV production for 20-some-odd years, but I had gotten to the point where the lifestyle was no longer what I was looking for.

It was great when I was younger, but after being divorced — and being a single mom to two kids who were growing up — I felt like my life was no longer my own. My life was completely dictated by current events and by other people’s schedules. I needed to figure out a way to slow down and have more time for myself and my family.

In the last several years of working in TV, I had gotten into using essential oils for different aspects of my life — everything from health and wellness, stress, relaxation and sleeping to headaches, stomachaches and health issues. So I decided to leave an unsatisfactory job doing something that I was no longer excited about and trying my hand at an essential oils business.

It looked to me on the outside to be able to offer everything that I was looking for. Time. Flexibility. Financial freedom. I had met a new guy, who is now my current husband, and I was able to go out, travel, do all the things that I felt that I’d been missing for at least the past decade.

My sister, who lives a very holistic and healthy lifestyle out in Boulder, Colorado, had initially come upon essential oils several years ago. She was the one who really started talking them up to myself and my family. Our dad’s a doctor so she started having a lot of conversations with all of us about cutting out the use of over-the-counter drugs and prescriptions — how essential oils had all these great therapeutic benefits. She started her own doTerra business. Coming from where I was coming from — a completely unhealthy life, running to the max every day, living on Diet Sunkist and Taco Bell — I could not have been less interested in what she was doing.

However, I started trying a few things here and there, a little bit behind her back initially because I did not believe in any of it. But they were actually giving me some respite. I was amazed at how they were working.

At the same time, I was watching my sister rake it in, in this direct sales business, which I had never really given any kind of credence to prior. By the time I decided that I was ready to quit my job and what my next step going to be, I had already watched her build herself into a multi-million dollar business. So I knew what the possibilities were, watching it with my own eyes.

It was a huge gamble for me. My biggest challenge was the potential judgment from other people — going from this to that — but now I feel like I’m the one laughing all the way to the bank.

I feel like it’s really made me more attuned to the everyday. Not to be cliché, but every moment of every day. Even though I’m a very high-strung, high-wired person, I do feel like I’ve really slowed down. I appreciate everything in my life so much more than I used to because I have the time to do it.

Everything before — working in live TV — it was like I had three seconds to do anything and everything.  I never took my kids to school. I never took them to their after-school activities. I never took them to the doctor. I was at work in a control room when my daughter broke her arm. I felt like I could never sit back and hang out with my kids and with my friends and not have to worry about another deadline coming up in 17 minutes.

I feel like it’s really made me live the lifestyle that I never thought was my type of lifestyle.

I think that the whole dialogue about work/life balance and what that means and how to get it is so individual. There were many years that I worked in TV at this DEFCON 1 schedule where I felt like I had balance because I was loving what I was doing.

The great part about now is that I can step away and I can enjoy lunch with a friend, helping my kids with homework and bath times. I know that there isn’t someone waiting on me, that I only have 30 seconds to do it and that I have to get back to work. I can make my work fit around my schedule and that’s a huge, huge change. I probably don’t work less hours, but I work in a more satisfactory manner. And that’s really relaxing to me.