We live so much of our lives on auto-pilot. Taking the time to slow down and think to yourself, ‘What is the life you want to lead?’ is so important. It’s the only way to change the trajectory of your life and its direction. Do you want auto-pilot and ok/mediocre, or great?

Three years ago, I was introduced to Nichiren Buddhism. The philosophy behind Nichiren Buddhism is really about asking yourself ‘how am I doing today?’ and ‘how would I change my life so that it flows in the direction I want it to?’ every morning. By starting my day with those questions and studying my newly adopted life philosophy, my mindset flourished. I quickly learned that unless your mind and thoughts are in a new direction, your actions will not be.

I graduated from business school several years ago. I went to Harvard undergrad, where the thing to do after was to study two years of banking or consulting and then attend business school. That was the trajectory that most of my friends were taking in an auto-pilot way. So I did that — I decided to follow in my father’s footsteps and started my journey in banking.

It was in the business program at Wharton where I was able to explore the possibilities of entrepreneurship. At Wharton, I learned that there are so many industries where you can identify consumer pain-points and how you can utilize technology and business models to help alleviate those consumer pain-points while making money. I found that really inspiring.

During my years in business school, I had gotten engaged and had a job waiting for me upon graduation. To everyone else, it appeared I was on the “right path.” but I personally felt like my life was on full-blown auto-pilot. I decided to defer the job for six months. This decision came after I canceled my wedding and was experiencing chronic pain from an injury. It was during these moments that I was forced to reset my life.

I was thinking how I could combine the excitement of entrepreneurship with the finance and banking that I knew. I was also frustrated by not knowing how to manage my own money, not really being involved in the process of financial services and how it impacts my life.

That led to the idea for BankMobile, which launched in 2015. And I’m the happiest I’ve ever been from a career standpoint. 

As I mentioned earlier, it’s really easy to live a life on auto-pilot, but taking the time to reflect and energize your soul so you can lead a life that’s not ordinary, but extraordinary, is well worth it.