I most recently reset by getting into the routine of what I call the “Abundant Morning Routine.” It’s visualization, meditation and prayer. Constant gratitude is something I’ve really started to implement in my life and that in itself has reset how I perceive everything — it sets my vibe throughout the day on a larger and smaller scale.

In the morning, I try to designate at least 30 minutes. I can sometimes go for an hour if I am implementing stretching or yoga into it. If I need a lot of prayer, I’ll designate 30 minutes. If it’s meditation, I’ll sit for five minutes and focus on what I want for the day. For me, I have to give myself a limit on a timer so I sit down and don’t move, because I’m the type of person who will never sit down. I had to teach myself how to sit and stay. Thought the time, I can change the energy I wake up with.

I’ve been doing this for about five weeks. I’ve always been the kind of person to let things sit and fester rather than getting it out. And I now know I need to release it even if that means crying or showing whatever emotion I need to release it.

I started to realize that the littlest things were setting me off. And I needed to figure it out because I didn’t like how it was sitting in me. I’m the only person who can change it so I decided to look at it myself, grab it and get it out of me.

The routine makes me much more productive and I’m looking forward to what I’m doing next as opposed to rolling my eyes, saying ‘I’m so busy today.’ Now, I think how blessed I am to have a day that’s completely packed with things I love to do, working for myself.

I think that when you focus on your gratitude and put that out there, it comes back to you ten-fold and automatically becomes part of your energy. It’s completely taken negativity out of the picture.

I’ve tried this multiple times in the past five years. (My boyfriend) Paul does it every day religiously with crazy dedication. He really takes time out of his day for himself.

I was not a negative person outwardly, but I was negative toward myself. Now I look in the mirror and like myself. I feel like I have a great energy around me. The positive turnaround does get overwhelming. It’s really trippy. It’s really rad to see you do have the power to do literally whatever you want. Now you have the tools because you gave yourself the tools. It’s so empowering.

Rachel Metz is a Los Angeles-based DIY YouTuber, content creator and full-time English Bulldog mama. Rachel is known for taking projects and breaking them down to not be so intimidating and budget-friendly so all levels of DIY’ers can execute them with ease.