Meet Leah Aripotch, a metal fabricator (rock on girl!) working in Oakland, sculpting amazing pieces of art out of steel and bronze.  We caught up with her in metal shop to learn more about how she resets.

Describe your personal style in three words? 

Androgynous, casual, structured.

What’s your favorite Reset piece and why?

I love the double wool/ cashmere coat I was photographed in. I’ve been looking to add a piece like that to my repertoire for some time.

What do you say to yourself when sh*t hits the fan?

No pressure, no diamond.

What’s your favorite song to Reset your day?

The Mars Volta- Televators.

When’s the last time you hit the Reset button?

Somewhere in mid June when I decided the sculpture I was working on for months was no good. I had to start fresh and bring some new ideas to the table.

And if you weren’t doing your current career, what would you be doing?

If I couldn’t sculpt every day, I’d go back to being a commercial metalsmith.  Either way, I need to be playing with fire.

See Leah’s amazing art and learn more about her process on instagram @leaharipotch.

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