Meet culinary queen and all-around fierce female, Candace Nelson—founder of Sprinkles Cupcakes (yes that Sprinkles, the original cupcakery that spawned a million copycakes). Her story’s got all the ingredients of a great Reset—starting with a highly successful, highly stressful investment banking career, followed by the subsequent mental burnout, and finally, the brilliant entrepreneurial spark that let her take back her life, her way. Now, not only is she defining success on her own terms, she’s carved out the time to pursue meaningful passions as a dedicated philanthropist, an angel supporter of Baby2Baby, and a board member of LAXart. Our admiration for this woman is off the charts—so we were psyched when Candace invited us into her closet to get the inside scoop on her recipe for style.

"The R|Label Favorite Tank Tee is a game changer.  Soft and supple, it cuts a cool and casual line - with jeans, on its own, or under a moto jacket."

Describe your current relationship with your closet?

Love it!  I recently completed a spring closet edit.  The result is an uncluttered space where I can easily see all the items I can’t wait to wear.

What’s your pet peeve when it comes to dressing?

Clothes that are too fussy.

Describe the outfit that makes you feel like the most authentic version of yourself?

A striped t-shirt with a pair of high waisted jeans and leopard print flats or Gucci mules.

What’s your recipe for an effortless outfit?

In LA it’s about having a great pair of jeans that can go from day to night with just a change of shoes.  For me, right now that’s a pair of Redone Originals that can go from Gucci mules to Alaia heeled sandals all in the same day.

What’s your favorite R|Label piece and why?  

When people ask me which pizza they should order at Pizzana, I always advise them to order the margherita, because it’s the best way to judge how good our pizza is.  I think the same can be said for a T-shirt of a fashion line. The R|Label Favorite Tank Tee is a game changer. Soft and supple, it cuts a cool and casual line – with jeans, on its own, or under a moto jacket

Tell us about your favorite Sprinkles recipe you’ve developed?
I love the chocolate chip cookie cupcake.  We use Sprinkles chocolate chip cookies to create a crisp bottom layer of chocolate chip cupcake topped with brown sugar frosting (that tastes just like cookie dough)!
How did you dream up the idea of the Cupcake ATM?
I was pregnant with my second son and having a late night cupcake craving that couldn’t be satisfied because our store was already closed.  My husband and I began dreaming of a world where you could get a freshly baked cupcake any time day or night… and the idea of the Cupcake ATM was born!
Who are the people that inspire you to be your best self?
My two sweet sons, my loving husband, the hard-working teams at Sprinkles and Pizzana and my incredibly supportive female friends.  
How or where do you go to rejuvenate and recharge?
I love the beaches of Southern California, but I feel my most relaxed in the mountains.  I have a home in Sun Valley and I love escaping the traffic of LA to hike and ski in the beautiful mountains of Idaho.
Describe your personal style in three words
Simple, modern, effortless.
If you were to write your own Morning Mirror, what would it be?
Be the change you want to see in the world today.  

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