Three reasons nutrition guru Tanya Zuckerbrot earns official goddess status in our book: Her heart, her hustle, and her incredibly refreshing approach to health. This highly sought-after RD, founded the F-Factor Diet with both physical and mental health in mind. Meaning wine and pizza are still on the menu—hunger and deprivation are not. (Can we get an “amen!”) Between seeing private clients, consulting, writing and speaking, her professional life keeps her on her toes. Throw a busy family into the mix, and Tanya’s ability to balance it all with undeniable style becomes a feat worthy of Wonder Woman.

"I reset every morning. Every new day is a fresh opportunity to be a better version of myself than I was the day before."

Describe your current relationship with your closet? (love it, hate it, we need to break up)

I love my closet. Recently I’ve been aiming to keep it like I keep the relationships in my life: streamlined. By this I mean I am regularly making a point to edit and get rid of the items that don’t serve me or bring me joy so that I can enjoy the ones that do. Without editing, pieces clutter the closet and interfere with you getting to wear the items you love because you simply don’t see them. Similarly, when you keep your personal life cluttered with relationships that don’t make you happy, you end up investing time and energy into those people instead of spending quality time with the people that actually bring you joy.

What’s your pet peeve when it comes to dressing?

Wrinkled clothing. It seems unintentionally sloppy, which to me equates to laziness.

Describe the outfit that makes you feel like the most authentic version of yourself.

A crisp ironed white button down with a fitted pant and a 5-inch heel.

When did you last push The Reset Button?

I reset every morning. Every new day is a fresh opportunity to be a better version of myself than I was the day before.

What inspired you to create the F-Factor Diet?

While I’m more recognized for my success in the weight loss space, I never set out to be a diet guru.  The F-Factor Diet was a byproduct of treating clinical patients through dietary intervention with fiber.  When I began my private practice, I was focused on treating clinical patients through dietary intervention, specifically patients with diabetes and cardiovascular disease.  My job was to create meal plans that would lower their cholesterol or, in the case of the diabetics, help to manage their sugars.  Both patient populations received versions of a high fiber diet because of fiber’s ability to lower cholesterol and manage blood sugar levels.  Patients were getting healthier, cholesterol improved, sugars were better managed, and an unexpected benefit also, across the board, all of these patients were losing weight.  The clients also were living their lives normally, enjoying their favorite restaurants, drinking alcohol, and we’re getting healthier.

What I had not anticipated was that by prescribing so much fiber for the clinical benefits, these patients were simply feeling fuller throughout the day on fewer calories, which led to weight loss without hunger.  Friends and colleagues of theirs noticed too and began to call in, requesting diets for themselves, but for the weight loss benefits, not to manage their sugars or cholesterol. This was the birth of the F-Factor Diet and the practice and diet continued to grow and develop from there.

What advice would you give for people looking to reset their health and sticking with it?

I recommend eating the F-Factor way to anyone looking to reset their health and stick with it.  It is the most liberating and sustainable approach to weight loss and optimal health. Where most diets are based on deprivation, telling you to cut out certain foods, F-Factor is about what foods to add to your diet in order to lose weight. F-Factor corrects the fundamental issue of fad diets by teaching people how to eat for life, and how to maintain their weight loss. Since most extreme diets are not sustainable, the weight loss associated with them is not sustainable either. Lastly, a diet high in fiber and protein, such as F-Factor, has been clinically proven to rev up metabolism and maintain muscle mass during the weight loss process. Therefore, people who eat the F-Factor Way are not only losing weight twice as fast as people following other programs but can keep the weight off, too.

With Holiday travel around the corner, what are your key tips for maintaining a healthy diet this Fall?

The Holidays can be challenging as it’s a time of endless temptations. The good thing about F-Factor is that you can indulge without completely sabotaging your progress, so as long as you do so mindfully. Apply the three-bite rule (have 3 bites, and 3 bites only of a treat, which is the minimum number of bites needed to satisfy a taste) to your favorites such as pumpkin pie or eggnog. These are mindful indulgences and by doing this you get to enjoy the holidays and the season’s special dishes without compromising or undermining your ability to look and feel your best.

What are the people, places and/or things that inspire you to be your best self?

My late Grandma Claire, who both my books are dedicated to, inspires me to be my best self. My Grandma Claire had the best heart and was the best person I have ever known. I believe she’s watching me from heaven every day and I try to conduct myself in a way in which I know she would be proud. I aim to live a life of integrity for her.

What’s your favorite R|Label piece and why?

The vegan leather jogger is adorable. It’s a piece that I can take from work to weekend—wear it with a heel for the office and a sneaker for more casual outings. I can go from boss to mom with them.

How or where do you go to rejuvenate to recharge?

My bathroom, where I draw a bath with lots of bath salts, to sit, soak, float, and try to feel as weightless as possible. I focus on bringing my mind back to the last time where the body was weightless, which is in the womb. You have no problems in the womb, so creating an environment that mimics that is the ultimate place to recharge.

Describe your personal style in three words.

Sophisticated, elegant and sexy.

If you were to write your own morning mirror what would it be? (Daily Affirmation)

Never settle for mediocrity where greatness can exist.

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