The Reset is the voice of the woman-in-progress – a source for inspiration, information and ideas for how to be your best self. We believe in the power of resetting, the impact of awesome women and sharing lessons learned.

The Reset is a digital homebase for a new generation of women who are choosing to do things differently. Choosing their own path. Their own solutions. Their own voice. We are resetting. We are building a community that marries relevant, relatable content with curated commerce. For real women, who live real lives.



We brought The Reset to life because we wanted a place that made us feel good, celebrated who we are, and offered an authentic point-of-view that we related to.

We also wanted a wardrobe that made sense to wear. We were tired of chasing trends and styles that looked bad, clogged our closets and cost too much. So we created R|Label, a simple line of clothes that’s easy to wear, flattering, and affordable.



A reset starts with wanting to make a change. It’s a choice to do things differently. It’s a choice to be the best you today. Big and small, these resets define who we are. At the core of The Reset is the message that at any moment there’s an opportunity for a reset. A refresh on life. A new mindset.

Our Team