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How to Organize a Wardrobe: Closet Organizing Ideas, Tips, and Hacks

How to Organize a Wardrobe

Learning how to organize a closet can be transformative not just for your space, but for your daily routine and mindset. Just think of how much stress and wasted time you can attribute to a chaotic, disorganized wardrobe!

We’re here to help with some of the best closet organizing hacks we’ve seen. These creative closet organizing tips are the key to unlocking a harmonious lifestyle where you don’t have to search through heaps of clothes to find that one specific piece. 

After organizing your closet, you can celebrate the newly found space by spoiling yourself here at The Reset! We have all the different women’s pants types and sweater types you’re currently missing.

Before you get to browsing our catalog, though, let’s talk about the importance of learning how to organize a wardrobe.

The Benefits of an Intuitive Closet Organizing System

Effective closet organizing systems offer a range of benefits, most notably saving you time trying to piece together outfits. But, there are a few other reasons to implement our closet organizing ideas as well…

Efficiency and Time Saving

An intuitive closet organizing system streamlines your daily routine. With everything in its place, you'll spend less time rummaging and more time enjoying your day. 

It simplifies decision-making, reduces morning stress, and can even speed up the process of getting ready for any event. This efficiency is invaluable for the busy modern woman.

Wardrobe Longevity

Organized spaces reduce the chances of clothes getting wrinkled or damaged. You're more likely to wear and rotate garments by having a clear view and easy access to them, preventing overuse or neglect of certain items. 

This approach extends the life of your clothing, making your investment in quality pieces from The Reset even more worthwhile. Learn more about the role of storage in our guide to women's sweater care.

The Psychological Impact of Organization

Helping you maintain your sanity is reason enough to implement these closet organizing ideas. A clutter-free, orderly space can significantly reduce stress and anxiety, offering a sense of calm and control.

This organized environment can positively affect your mood, decision-making ability, and overall mental health. In essence, an organized closet can lead to a more organized mind, fostering a serene start to your day. 

So, let’s not waste any time getting into the best way to organize a closet!

How to Organize a Closet: General Closet Organizing Tips and Hacks

closet organizing ideas

Ready to learn how to organize a closet? Organizing your closet can be daunting if it’s in a state of disarray right now, but trust us - it’s worth the work to get things cleaned up

Plus, you can get the job done fast with our advice on how to organize a wardrobe. Let’s start with a quick decluttering session. 

Decluttering: The First Step in Closet Organization

Closet organization starts with decluttering, as there is only so much space in your closet - and there’s a good chance there are items you haven’t worn in years taking up precious real estate. 

Evaluate each item in your wardrobe and decide what truly brings value to your life. Embrace the mantra of quality over quantity. This critical step not only clears space but also clarifies your style and preferences, making it easier to maintain an organized closet.

When you shop at The Reset for tops and tees or pants and trousers, you end up with less clutter as these are styles that stay relevant year after year. No more buying clothes just to wear them for a single season - which is how wardrobes become cluttered in the first place.

Categorization: Sorting Your Clothes for Maximum Efficiency

Efficient categorization is a cornerstone of all our closet organizing ideas. Group clothes by type, occasion, or season. 

This methodical approach streamlines finding and choosing outfits, saving time and energy. There are no right or wrong answers when it comes to organizing your closet. It’s all about creating a wardrobe organizing system that works for you.

Utilizing Vertical Space: Making the Most of Your Closet

Maximize your closet's potential with vertical storage solutions. Think hanging shelves, over-the-door organizers, and high-rise storage for lesser-used items. 

These closet organizing hacks can dramatically increase your storage space, making your closet feel larger and more organized. We’ll share a few great ways you can implement this tactic later on as we unveil more specific closet organizing systems.

Seasonal Rotation: Keeping Your Closet Relevant

Regularly rotate your wardrobe to keep it seasonally appropriate. This is a key aspect of organizing your closet as it ensures you have access to what you need when you need it. 

For example, you can put autumn sweaters in a bin during other seasons. Then when the fall season rolls around, unpack the box and hang your sweaters - while putting away tank tops and other warm-weather clothing.

This also gives you a chance to re-evaluate and refresh your collection, keeping your style current and your closet manageable. Speaking of which, you can prepare for the upcoming season with our resources like fall clothing essentials for women or building a winter capsule wardrobe.

The Best Closet Organizing Ideas We’ve Ever Seen

Closet Organizing hacks

We’ve covered the basics of how to organize a closet. But now, we want to share a few specific closet organizing hacks you can replicate to make the most of your space.

Clear Storage Bins and Dividers

Utilizing clear storage bins and dividers is a game-changer for maintaining an organized wardrobe. They allow you to easily categorize and visualize your items, making it simple to find what you need. 

This visibility is particularly useful for accessories, lingerie, or any small items that tend to get lost in the shuffle. That being said, you can also use this closet organizing idea for shorts, t-shirts, etc.

Wardrobe Organizing Apps and Software

In the digital age, wardrobe organizing apps and software are invaluable tools. They help you keep track of what you own, plan outfits, and even remind you of items you haven’t worn in a while. 

This tech-savvy approach can streamline your wardrobe management and inspire new outfit combinations. We consider this the best way to organize a closet.

That being said, which app should you use? The landscape is constantly evolving, and new closet organizing systems are hitting the app store constantly. 

As of now, though, we’ve loved using Get Wardrobe in our own wardrobe organization process. Other options include OpenWardrobe, Acloset, Wearing, and Smart Closet. Play around with a few interfaces and see which you prefer.

Door and Wall Racks

Door and wall racks are excellent for maximizing space. They can be used to hang scarves, belts, bags, or jewelry, keeping these items accessible and untangled. 

This closet organizing system is perfect for smaller spaces or for those looking to keep their most-used items within easy reach.

Shoe Organizers

Proper shoe organization is crucial for an orderly closet. Whether it's a hanging organizer, a dedicated shoe rack, or clear boxes, keeping your shoes neatly organized not only protects them from damage but also makes it easier to find the perfect pair to complete your outfit.

Integrated Lighting

Integrated lighting in your closet isn’t just functional, it adds an element of luxury. Good lighting helps you see your clothes clearly, making outfit selection a breeze. 

It transforms the closet into a more inviting space, enhancing the overall experience of choosing your daily attire. Contrary to what you may assume, implementing this closet organizing tip is really easy. There are affordable, plug-and-play lighting solutions that anyone can install with ease.

Double Rods for Hanging Clothes

Last but not least on our list of closet organizing hacks is to use double rods. In essence, this doubles you closet space. How, though?

This setup is ideal for organizing and separating different types of garments, such as tops and bottoms, or formal and casual wear. It's a simple modification that can make a big difference in the usability of your closet.

Now That You Know How to Organize a Closet, Add to Your Wardrobe at The Reset!

how to organize a wardrobe

There you have it - everything you need to know about how to organize a wardrobe. Armed with these closet organizing tips you’re now poised to make the most of that limited space in your closet. 

This is also the perfect time to rejuvenate your wardrobe with fresh and stylish pieces from The Reset.

Treat yourself to our exclusive collection, where each item is designed with the modern woman in mind. Indulge in the luxury of our high-rise leather pants, a perfect blend of sophistication and edge. Embrace versatility with our essential pullover and short sleeve sweaters, ideal for layering or wearing alone. 

Our satin sweater and mock neck sweater offer a balance of comfort and chic elegance, suitable for various occasions. Elevate your outerwear with our vegan leather trench coat, a timeless piece that exudes style and ethical fashion sensibility. Pair it with our vegan leather pants for a bold, cohesive look. 

The point is, we have something for every taste at The Reset. Each piece in our collection is crafted to enhance your wardrobe, reflecting your unique style and the new, organized space you’ve created. 

Visit us today and indulge in a wardrobe that’s as organized and refined as you are.

Final Thoughts on the Best Way to Organize a Closet

As we wrap up our guide on how to organize a closet, we want to remind you that this is not just something you should do to keep your space “neat and tidy”. Rather, these closet organizing hacks elevate your efficiency, wardrobe longevity, and mental clarity.

Implementing practical closet organizing systems like clear storage bins, innovative apps, and maximizing vertical space transforms your wardrobe into a functional sanctuary. Now, with a beautifully organized closet, it's time to fill it with pieces that reflect your refined taste.

Whether you’re looking for a new sweater or a pair of trousers, The Reset has timeless essentials that never go out of style. Explore The Reset's collection and treat yourself to a wardrobe that complements your newly organized space!

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